• A timeless work requires a strong character: with no deference to trends and no fear of the future.

    An elegant residential quarter in Zürichberg forms an appropriate context for this new building, a stately villa with far more than 800 m² of living space. Its architecture was designed on the one hand to integrate it into its surroundings, but on the other hand be modern and contemporary, but also timeless – that means, not succumb to a short-lived trend. Particularly high importance was given to the function of the rooms, which is why the building was developed from the inside out. For example, a clear separation of private and guest areas is intentionally foreseen. The villa’s amenities include two pools with a spa area, but also a remarkable wine rack that extends over two floors. The interplay of materials, colours and forms creates a single, harmonious entity and completes this property – an elegant and unique building with a pronounced architectural identity.
  • Natural Warmth
  • Tropic Fawn
  • Baby Ice
  • Coal Black