• Family-friendly architecture can also be exciting and aesthetic. After all, who wants to invest in boredom?

    Family-friendly architecture that nonetheless – or precisely for that reason –pleases the aesthetic sensibility? The Meierhof apartment building in Baden is a successful marriage of form and function. The graduated building, with its captivating clean lines, comprises eight generous apartments. The work of renowned Baden-based architect Rolf Billing takes its environment into account and yet makes a distinctive mark. Young families with an appreciation for Bauhaus-inspired architecture will find happiness in the countryside here, because accessibility is also excellent because of its location at the entrance to the city of Baden. Thus the up-and-coming district provides ideal conditions for excellent quality of life for young and old.
  • Accomplished architecture necessitates real interest in people and their needs.
    Sandro E. Büeler, Owner
  • cole black
  • warm grey
  • Dusty Gold